Juan Marries Sara Cano at the age of 18, opens a succesful mechanic shop in Cadereyta, NL, MX.


Juan and Sara Cano move to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Juan works in the valley, but eventually moves up north with Sara and becomes a migrant worker.


Juan moves back to the Rio Grande Valley, to be closer with friends and family, and finds work as a mechanic in several valley mechanic jobs.


Juan Obtains his CDL License and buys his first semi-truck, a 1988 Freightliner. He decidesto pursue his father's career as a truck driver.


Armed with his freightliner Juan and Sara Cano start Cano & Sons Trucking. Juan officially becomes the first Cano driver.


The company has grown to 159 trucks, over 600 trailers, 200 + employees and its still growing

Our History

In 1993, Juan Cano married Sara at the age of 18 in Cadereyta, NL, MX. With a degree in automotive technology under his belt, he opened a successful small mechanic shop. After their son was born and with savings from the business, they decided to move to the United States in pursuit of a better life .


They stayed with family when they arrived in the Rio Grande Valley and Juan found work at a junk yard within that same week. Juan was then offered a job as a mechanic at a used car lot in Weslaco Texas after someone took notice of his skills at the junk yard.


 A year later Juan and Sara seeking better opportunities, eloped north to Minnesota to work as migrant workers. After  two years of grueling work and with their second child on the way, they decided to move back to the Rio Grande Valley in 1996 so that they could be closer to their friends and family. Juan worked in different mechanic shops for three years before he finally got fed up and started inquiring about the trucking industry.


His interest was sparked by his father Mr. Reynaldo Cano, who was a trucker by profession. Juan obtained his CDL license not long after and seized the opportunity to buy a 1988 Freightliner, which became his first rig.


The company name search was particularly difficult.  Sara and Juan brainstormed for weeks to no avail. However, one day as their five-year old son Juan Rafael Jr. walked up to , Juan Sr., and asked him “if he could drive a real semi-truck with his papi when he grew up”, it suddenly clicked that their last name would be a perfect way to continue the family legacy : Cano & Sons Trucking!


Cano & Sons Trucking was founded 1999 with a single 1988 Freighliner semi truck and Juan as its driver. Little did we know, that today 23 years later, and with 159 more trucks, and over 200 employees, we would find ourselves here today.We feel very fortunate to have been able to grow our family, and we’re happy to be able to help our clients. We are a company founded on solid family values and integrity. We are Cano & Sons Trucking.